Manga to Spread Bitcoin!

A negative impression of Bitcoin?

Due to the Mt. Gox fiasco, those around seem to have a negative view of Bitcoin. However, no one knows the details on the news.

Honestly, I am not an expert on Bitcoin, however, after reading books and researching on the internet, I have come to believe that this is a huge innovation.

Bitcoin is truly amazing!

From there, I have studied Bitcoin, and after detailed research, I felt that in creating a manga which can explain Bitcoin, this may help others more deeply understand what the innovation really is. This is where the idea of my project came from. Your support is much appreciated.

Contents of Manga

The manga will incorporate two young students who do not understand Bitcoin, being taught about it from their teacher.


Profile: Shoji Imaki

4 panel Manga

Date of Birth: Nov. 9th, 1964
Address: Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Location: Neyagawa, Osaka
Hobbies: Watching movies, taking walks
Debut at manga magazine "Manga Action" with "My Mom is an Intelligence Officer" in 1988.
A number of manga for kids posted/serialized in magazine "Comic Bombom" from 1994, "Puramo Wars", "Beast Wars", Series "Dokuhige", "A Phantom Thief Sly Cooper", "Nin & Kyo", among others.
Participated as a judge at the new face awards competition at Comic Bombom
Currently writing news manga "Suma Machi Ginza Shotengai" for Smartphone
Also, writing the series "Fukumen Mania" at Fukuman Mania Official Site and "Kosumo" at Tenteru.
In addition to Manga, working on illustrations for games, original drawing arrangement for animation "FREEDOM"
Regularly participates in disaster stricken and welfare area fan events
Weekly delivery of video "Undercover Manga School" in YouTube for aspiring cartoonists
Appeared in the Toyota promotional video
Lately, he has been active as the Undercover Masked Cartoonist Imakishoji.

Funds Distribution

  • Manuscript Fee
  • Data Collection
  • Gift Shipment

Potential risks

Delay in delivery of prizes due to longer than expected manuscript creation