Commercial Information

Company Name / Address / Phone Number
  • bitFlyer Inc.
  • President: Yuzo Kano
  • Address: Midtown Tower, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6233
  • Telephone number: 03-6434-5864 (General inquiries; only available in Japanese)
    Service hours: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM (JST)
    This phone number is not toll-free.
    Outside of service hours, please contact us here.
Compensation for this service
  • 10% of Bitcoin contributions or a separate amount as described on the corresponding project page is charged to the Project Owner as a service fee. There are no transaction fees. Fees are billed to the Project Owner; and are payable in Bitcoin unless if the project page declares that it will be paid out in JPY instead.
  • Supporters shall not incur any fees beyond the purchase price of the gift. The gift purchase price shall be stated on the applicable page for each project.
  • For further information, please refer to the Fees and Taxes page.
Payment Method
Bitcoin payment
Payment Time, Payment Cutoff
Once a Project is established, the net difference of the Bitcoin contributions minus the service fee shall be transferred to the Project Owner's account.
Service Details and Offering Period
We provide a platform for Project Owners to post their project and Supporters to contribute funds to it. As such, the service offering period starts with the launch of the project and ends with the close of the project. bitFlyer shall not directly offer gifts to Supporters. Gifts are offered solely by the Project Owners direcly to Supporters.
Return Policy (Law 11.4)
We do not accept cancellations or returns.
Warranty Against Defects
We are not responsible for defects in this service and Gifts.
For further questions, please refer to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Guideline.
User Service Specifications
Recommended Browsers
  • Windows
    Internet Explorer (Version 10 or above)
    Google Chrome (Latest version)
    Firefox (Latest version)
  • Mac OS X
    Safari (Latest version)
    Google Chrome(Latest version)
    Firefox (Latest version)