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Bitcoin is capturing the attention of the world!

As Bitcoin is not considered to be a "true currency", it is not regulated by the Bank of Japan or Finance Ministry. As a result, Bitcoins can be traded and used freely over the internet.

On average, a transaction takes only 10 minutes to complete, and costs are kept extremely low as there are no regulatory bodies, middlemen, or issuers involved.

As government authorities such as a central bank are not involved, issuance and minor transactions are all performed on a peer-to-peer basis.

All Bitcoin transactions that have ever occurred are recorded on a global ledger known as the "Blockchain". Anyody who wants to verify a Bitcoin transaction can do so via this public global ledger.

In addition to Bitcoin, other new types of digital currency, such as the "Monacoin" in Japan, are also drawing the attention of people around the world.

What's possible with Bitcoin?

The advantage with Bitcoin is that anyone can easily perform transactions using their smartphone or tablet, hence there are nearly limitless obvious as well as hidden possibilities. In fact, many established venture capital firms in the US are actively seeking out digital currency startups and businesses.

Build a global framework for Bitcoin through conversations with US lawmakers

As the chair of the LDP's Information Technology Strategy Subcommittee, I have compiled reports such as ""The Future Vision of Fund Settlement in Japan, 2014"" and ""Interim Report Regarding Corresponding to Digital Currencies, Including Bitcoin"".

By showing these policies to related parties in the Unites States, I would like to further the discussion of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, and build a global framework for future development.

Mineyuki Fukuda
Prime ministor Shinzo Abe and Mineyuki Fukuda

Profile: Mineyuki Fukuda

Birthdate: April 8, 1964
Current Address: Aoba-ku, Yokohama
Blood Type: B
Height: 175cm (5'8""), Weight: 65kg (143 lb)
Hobbies: Ice hockey, watching movies (Favorite movie: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)
Favorite Word: Kizuna (bond)
Favorite Book Genre: Historical Fiction

Mineyuki Fukuda

House of Representatives - First Term:
With chief investigator Taro Kono, reduced government spending by 880 billion yen under the first business screening process in Japan. Attracted public attention by introducing internet political donations in Japan.

House of Representatives - Second Term (Currently):
After three years and three months of achievement through fierce tenacity despite hardships, I was elected to serve a second term in the House of Representatives in December 2012. Upon returning to government administration, I was appointed the head of IT, Cool Japan and Contents businesses for my party. Additionally I led my party in devising policy on cutting edge areas such as Bitcoin and fund settlement. I have firm views when it comes to energy problems and have even been described by Minister Amari as the leader of the movement to realize a hydrogen society.

The organizations and committes I am currently involved with include the Director of Lower House Judicial Committee, Special Committee for Ethical Elections, Member of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Committee, Secretary-General for Liberal Democratic Party's Special Committee on IT Strategy, Special Committee on Cool Japan Strategy, Intellectual Property Strategy Board of Inquiry, Contents Committee, and a research association centered around FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicles) that promotes the realization of a hydrogen society.

Funds Distribution

  • Travel expenses to and from the United States
  • Transportation expenses while in the United States
  • Accommodations
  • Preparation of a research report

Potential Risks

The tour may be postponed in the event of an emergency, either locally or abroad, on the day of departure.